opi: what’s with the cattitude?

opi. ‘what’s with the cattitude?’

this is from the shrek mini’s collection, i picked it up from Sally’s for £6.25, which i dont think is too bad, because according to the opi lady from QVC, she said you can get at least 17 mani’s from a mini opi! so like works out about £1.50 for a opi polish. i hate the big bottles in any case, just a little too much polish…

excuse the lobster hands, camera’s playing tricks

i actually really love this colour.
application isn’t too brilliant though, usual nice opi brush, but extremely streaky, i know the nature of pastel blue cremes, but compared to my barry m ‘blueberry icecream’ (will do a comparison at some point!) which is a nice 2 coater, im not too impressed, its a bit of a ‘splodge it around until it evens out’, but i think the colour makes up for it

this is meant to be blurry, im trying to get the colour right

see no lobster hands now?

this polish doesnt give you lobster hands in r/l!!

Application: 2/5
Colour: 5/5
Brush: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

-id definitely invest in a big opi pot of this, but only in sally’s, and only on my trade card ;)

at the end, i stuck two fimo flowers on to jazz it up a bit++a hell of a lot of seche vite to keep them on!!

i think this looks very pretty! ;)
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