rainbows on grey days.

the rain influenced this post!

because its all grey and ugly and rainy outside, but just grey is boring, so i added some water marbled rainbows!
slight bit of trial and error with polishes, but i think i got it…
my set up!
stage 1
stage 2
never got any pictures of the other stages because i was too busy actually dunking my nails in :)
left hand
right hand
i can never ever get a good photo of the other hand. grrrrrr.
i used….
red: opi: color so hot it berns
orange: opi: flit a bit
yellow: collection 2000: sherbet lemons
green: china glaze: kiwi cool-ada
blue: barry m: cyan blue

and the grey was models own: grey day.
plus 1 coat of seche vite.

i did have a purple, but i took it out because it was making it look a bit too dark+harsh
until today, i have never really been able to do a decent marble, but i think im getting the hang of it..
-use a base colour (i used grey)
-make sure the polishes are thin
-definately use ‘room temp’ water
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