getting my jigsaw on.

this was influenced, by the boy’s little brother, who made me complete puzzles for him to smash up, then say to me today, that if i did it again he “promised he wouldn’t break them” – i wasn’t having none of it! ;)

this only took me like 5 minutes, which was suprising, when i thought of it i figured i’d be there for a long while…
i matted them before i added the puzzley bits, cos i thought it would look better.
i used,
thumb: elf: lilac (courtesy of the boy, as a big xmas haul for me!)
index: 17: sherbet lemons
middle: elf: mint
ring: barry m: blueberry ice cream
little: barry m: pink flamingo
and i used barry m black, and a fine brush to draw the puzzle shapes.
its a lot easier than it looks…you just draw a square, and add bits on, or take some away.
then 1 coat of seche vite, for chip resistance, and 2 coats of matte finisher from elf…
talking of that, what’s up with this brush?!
looks a lot worse in r/l, but it used okay, apart from the odd splodge on the cuticle.
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