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Aztec Neon Nails!

I topped up my fake tan due to the crappy weather here in London. So to match my tan, I gave myself some neon nails!

This is infulenced by the infamous WAH designs.

I striped my 3 colours underneath with a white base underneath. I used Sinful Colors: Snow Me White, with Barry M: Yellow, Milani: Awesome Orange, Milani: Pink Hottie. I used a striper brush to stripe them on, the lines dont have to be very even, theyre mostly covered up anyway.

Then I used a black and white nail art pen to draw on the detail.

thank god for this little bit of colour in my life :)

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minnie mouse(esque) nails

I made these partly for my birthday, but then Danny offered to paint my nails as he was taking me to dinner, he never followed up with the offer, but he did buy me 4 topshop nail polishes, so I kind of forgave him! I used ‘Misfit’ on my birthday (Wednesday) which he brought me, I’ll blog about that tomorrow, and all the other colours!
I also got 4 opi’s and a mini set of nails inc ones :) and teeny tiny nail art brushes which got delivered today! :)

I was going to do this matte, but on consultation of my mum, she said to slap on the seche vite!

I think it looks quite cute :’)
I used..
black; barry m-black
red; opi-color so hot it berns
white; mac vestral white


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ombre manicure (sort of)

i kind of added my own twist to the ombre manicure, and made the colour difference a lot more obvious, instead of keeping the shades really close to each other.

please excuse the disgraceful cuticles, and the seche vite shrinkage.


ive seen something like this before, but using other colours, and stripes instead of dots.

the dots went a little bit dodgy because i was really shaky that night for some reason.

i actually picked out loads of different colours for this but i settled with blue in the end.

i used:


thumb: mac vestral white. (dots are polishes as follows)

index: barry m blueberry ice cream

middle: topshop the big easy

ring: a barry m colour, think its colbat blue?

little: nails inc denim.


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