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Claire’s Nail Art

Vicki from Claires Accessories sent me some information about their new wave of nail art!

They have brought out nail wraps, bling nail stickers, new falsies with nail art and glitter polishes.





The nail wraps look like something that could be really interesting, theres multiple designs and my favourite is looking to be the peacock feather. Vicki has kindly given me some bits to try so I will be posting about these once I’ve tried them out!
The bling stickers look really interesting too, diamonds without the effort of sticking them all on separately!

So what do you think? Something you would try out?

Paige xx

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Galaxy Nails.

This post shows how much better I’ve got at nail art in the past few months!

I haven’t been posting a lot recently, I’ve been using Tumblr. The group Polish-Aholics Anonymous on Facebook has got me back into blogging, along with some support from my boyfriend.

So the Monday Nail Art challenge on the group Polish-Aholics Anonymous theme this week was Galaxy nails. I did try these out a long time ago if you scroll back through my posts, and to be honest, when I look back now. It wasn’t very impressive!

Heres my attempt this time!!

(click to enlarge)

I’m geniunley really proud of this. I love the ring finger, it looks so galaxy like! This did take me quite a while. I really would enlarge this picture just to show you the true beauty of the way the colours work together. I used a sponge to create my galaxies and a dotting tool for the stars. I found a really good way to use a sponge and have it small enough to create little splodges.

I ripped up a makeup sponge and placed it in a pair of tweezers, I then tied it up with a snag band. I saw this on a youtube video, but i cant remember which one!

List of polishes used: (it’s a long one!)

Base: Sinful Colors: Black on Black with Topshop NAILS: Gypsy Nights over the top.

Galaxies: Sinful Colors: Snow Me White, Barry M: Yellow, China Glaze: V, OPI: Color So Hot It Berns, China Glaze: Frostbite, American Apparel: Neon Coral.

Topcoats: China Glaze: Golden Enchantement with 2 coats of Seche Vite.

Give galaxy nails a go!

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purple+pink mix up.

i didnt have much time, and ive been wanting to use these sorts of colours together for ages!

i really like how these turned out, and excuse the smudge on the index finger, i did these just before bed…

i used:…

thumb: china glaze; flying dragon with andrea fullerton gemstone overcoat. (which i hear is a dupe for nubar 2010, sally hansen hidden treasure, and gosh rainbow.)

index: eyeko lilac polish.

middle: barry m indigo as a base, with models own disco mix over the top.

ring: models own pastel pink, with mac vestral white for the dots, using a dotting tool.

little: barry m flamingo pink.

everything topped with 1 coat of seche vite, 2 on the disco mix because its a bit gritty.

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a galaxy far far away.

i couldn’t think of any other title by the way. :$
i’ve adored people that do ‘galaxy’ nails before, but i’ve been to scared to try myself because it looks so difficult!
i grew a pair, and tried it, and its so easy, it took me like 5 minutes, its taken me longer to do this blogpost!

first, you need a black base, one with a slight shimmer/glitter preferably. it adds more depth to the whole design. i used cosmic from eyeko.

next you need to find a tool to ‘sponge’ with, i used a makeup sponge, but i guess you can use tissue or something like that? you then need a holographic polish of any colour, i usedholographic from gosh. you need to sponge it, anywhere on the nail, but not covering it, so like, up one side, in a diagonal across the nail, a tip. differ it on each nail for a different effect.
you then need a sheer polish, a colour like, purple, navy, medium blue, pinky. i used a sheer duochrome from maxfactor called sunny pink. you need to sponge this on in the same way as above, you can go over the holographic, because its sheer, it just adds to the effect.
now, do the same thing, but with another sheer polish, this part is optional, you can leave it how it is if thats the desired look, and skip to the next step. i sponged on dazzling blue from maxfactor, i sponged it in the same way, i basically just filled in gaps that i thought would need filling in.
lastly i added a glitter topcoat over, i think flakies could look quite nice instead of glitter aswell, because you cant really see it that much, but it adds a slight look in different lights. i used twinkle by elf.
to finish i added some rhinestones, and a coat of seche vite to make it extra shiny, and the rhinestones to stay :)
ill definately be doing this again, maybe with some more colours to add some more depth.
ps, excuse the cuticles, i’ve just slapped loads of lemony flutter on, i think its all the writing+revision i’ve been doing :)
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blue days.

didn’t have a clue what to do with my nails today, as i spent most of it, making a nice wheel :)

-once i’d done that…I…
1) had no time.
2) was bored of nails
3) nothing was working for me
i ended up with this…

i actually really like it though, its a little more blue than the photo shows, but its the best one i had. (couldn’t take photographs either today)
also obsessed with fimo slices at the moment! -so pretty!!
Little Finger:
Topshop “The Big Easy”
Dots: China Glaze “Frostbite”
Ring Finger:
Topshop “The Big Easy”
Leapord: OPI “Whats With The Cattitude?”
Middle Finger:
Topshop “The Big Easy”
Index Finger:
China Glaze “Dorothy Who?”
China Glaze “Towel Toy Boy”
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