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Crackle and shatter, what’s the difference?

Crackle and shatter, what’s the difference?
Is there any difference?

Well, yes, in a sense. I’m going to put this as it would come out of my mouth;
Crackle: Stays as a piece, but has cracks apart.
Shatter: Separates into individual pieces.

If that makes no sense, I will show you with photo’s :)


Here’s (from L to R) China Glaze: Lightning Bolt, Barry M: 316, MUA Nail Quake: Jailbreak, Barry M: 311, Beauty UK: Goth.

China Glaze: CRACKLE

Little Finger: CRACKLE, Ring Finger: SHATTER

Middle Finger: CRACKLE, Index Finger: SHATTER

Quality and Performance:
Lightning Bolt is really opaque and thin.
Barry M 316 (White) is also opaque but very gloopy. (I added thinner)

Beauty UK has a OPI like brush, but is even more gloopy than Barry M.
MUA has a thin brush, and gives a really even application, this shatter seems very shiny and jelly like.
Barry M 311 (Black) is opaque, but is the same as the white in consistency.

Hope this clears up the Shatter/Crackle issue.
ps. many thanks to my mum for letting me use her as a hand model!


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bit of shatter

I haven’t posted in forever, and I’m starting again now, I will catch up.
I recently attended Pro Beauty at Excel, which was amazing and I got lots of goodies which will be featured soon :)

right, shatters well and truly been done 3 times over now, every single company I know is jumping on the bandwaggon, Barry M, OPI, China Glaze, Models Own, 17.

I did this look like 3 months ago when shatter was new and stuff, I just got behind, by like 3 months lol.

I just sponged on the colours in random effects, (see candy floss nails post) using random colours an put Barry M shatter on top.
this is a good shatter, its slightly difficult to apply because of only being able to do one stroke with the thin brush.
other than that I like it, I think 1 company should stick to doing the shatter though, but it sells I guess!

I promise I will post more often from now on :)


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